Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lupus and the Holidays

Christmas is coming and holiday stress! When I think about the holidays' I think about things like am I going to be able to afford Christmas gifts this year? What do I really need as opposed to what I want. I think this year is going to be hard for everyone seeing as how the economy is bad and prices are going up. It is hard for people with lupus not to stress about these things. Most people who have lupus have to live on a fixed income. I am one of them. I wish that I could hold down a steady job,but unfortunately that is difficult to do. It often makes me sad because I want my girl's to have a good Chrismas, but often times I can't even buy a tree. Each year for the past 4 years I have had to forfeit Christmas, because I cannot afford it. I realize that Christmas is about family and celebrating. I just want to sleep through it. I have seen what Christmas has turned into and when I could not meet societies standards on what Christmas represents I honestly gave up on it. Christmas became commercial and material. It became all about greed. As of lately this whole world is falling apart because of greed. What ever happened to listening to Christmas songs, decorating the tree, and spending time with the people that you love?  I believe that Christmas is a time for me to celebrate one more year of being in remission. One more year that I didn't have to go to the hospital. Most of all one more year I get to spend with my daughter's. So if any of you feel down and depressed just remember that next year will be better. To Each and Everyone of You Happy Holiday's and BE SAFE !!!!

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