Saturday, October 1, 2011

Taking Time For Yourself and Giving Yourself A Break

Lately I have been taking the time out for myself to regroup and gather my thoughts and giving myself a break from writing. Sometimes you have to do that when you have lupus. Other people don't understand or they act like they do. You have to learn how to pace yourself and realize you can't please everybody. The holidays are coming up and that is when it is most stressful. Planning holiday stuff and, ,yes, trying to please everyone around you.When you have lupus you have to learn to say "NO" "I am sorry I just can't do that." Honestly if people who understood that sometimes you are incapable of doing certain things they would know that it isn't easy. Not only do we have to deal with everyday stressors, but sometimes we are just too sick or tired too deal with it. I am not saying use lupus as the perverbial crutch because that would be stupid, but you should definetely know your limits.  That is why it is okay for you to take an hour or two and just have quiet time.  Use that time to write or read. Maybe get some sleep. I understand for some people you can't do that whether it be you are single parent, you have other obligations. I realize that part, but what I am saying to avoid any further complications with the disease be aware of how much you can handle or how much your body can handle. Just don't be too hard on yourself for not being able to do the things you want to do. If you do stress on it you may end up getting sicker or worse. I realize now that I have bitten more then I could chew at times and I had to slow down and taste my food before I swallowed it.  So with that being said I hope my fellow "lupies" get better and stay healthy during the holiday's

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