Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lupus and Positivity

When I go on Facebook and I read people's stories about their personal  battle with lupus.  It really touches my heart to read about the trials and tribulations in dealing with lupus and how it has affected them and their families.
They really inspire me to fight with them. I know what it is like to look in the mirror and just stare at my scarred face and think " God I am ugly".  I remember when my face had discoid lesions that were pretty fresh and some jerk had the audacity to ask me if I scraped my face on the on the ground.  I was so hurt by it and I remember thinking at the time " Who the*  blank* do you think you are ?
Man, did that piss me off.  It was even worse when I had to go out in the public. I couldn't even look in the mirror. Then after awhile something finally clicked and I realized that the scars are a part of who I am and they don't define who I  am on the inside. It was difficult to accept it, but when I finally did it was a revelation and a relief to accept who I am scars and flaws included. I got tired of crying about ,because really what is that going to accomplish. Don't get me wrong when you have lupus you are not thinking about how great life is and how things are fine and dandy. They really aren't that great. So how do you rise above it? I believe in prayer and healing.. I know that we don't feel good and it hurts. Use that pain and discomfort for the greater good. Don't be afraid to say " Hey I don't feel well can you help me?"  Never be  to proud to accept the help. Honestly the people who have this disease are the ones who really know how they are feeling. People need to understand this that we are capable doing only what our bodies will allow us to do. I am a strong believer in
" Life is what you make of it".  To all the people who have read my blogs thank you . Keep strong and get the support that you need whether it is from friends or families. Let people know that lupus is real and fight to find a cure. I refuse to give up on those who need a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on when they are in pain. Whoever you may be and however long you have been living with this disease you are beautiful inside and out.

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