Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lupus and Your Immune System

Everybody has different immune systems and people with lupus know whenever flu or cold season comes around.  You should stock up on vitamin C  and get plenty of rest. While everyone else's immune system is fighting off viruses people who have lupus generally have a difficult time fighting off those viruses. Our immune systems much more complex then that of a healthy person. I know when my body is working overtime, because when  I get sick  my body is fighting that much harder. Depending on whether or not my immune system hasn't been compromised I am able to fight off the virus, but if I am having a flare up I usually end up with pneumonia or a upper respiratory  infection. Whenever that happens I end up in the hospital for a couple of days. The weird thing is that whenever I have my blood taken either the doctor's don't  really know what to look for where lupus is concerned, because they end up telling me that it isn't the lupus. I am sure if you are someone who has lupus you are probably thinking to yourself  "All I want is for just 1 doctor to diagnose me right is that too much to ask?" As I am writing and just the thought of all the issues that us people who have lupus whether it be internally or  externally it really is stressful and they tell you not to have too much stress!!! Are you kidding me???!!  Here is what I have to say about that "WHATEVER"  How are you not supposed to stress when you have all these doctor's can't give you a straight answer. I have been fighting this disease for a long time. I have heard on numerous stories of people who have had complications with lupus and as a result they passed away. My heart goes out to those people who have suffered greatly due to this relentless disease. You need to ask yourself this question. Am I in control of my disease or is the disease controlling me? If you are a the person who looks at you and says" You don't looks sick"  you turn to them and say " Walk a mile in my shoes and tell me how that works out for ya" .

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