Monday, July 25, 2011

I Am So Outraged!!

I am so sick of how patients are treated. People who make money off of someone else's misery is just messed up. A very good friend of mine told me that they went to go see the doctor and they messed up on his dosage. My friend has lupus and he has been battling it for a long time. Well because this so -called professional made a mistake my friend is paying for it financially, physically and maybe even legally. He is a business owner and with the recent stress of running a business on top of the fact that the doctor  decided to mess up on his dosage, my friend has to pay for it with his kidneys literally. Well now the doctor is playing the race card  so he is using that to his advantage even though he got called out for almost giving him a death sentence. I think this individual is a coward and should be held accountable for his actions!!! Knowing this I will never trust doctor's in Arizona they know NOTHING about lupus and besides with the second rate care that people who are on disability no offense or disrespect, but I would rather die then let some egotistical doctor play with my life like they did with my friends. All he could think about is his wife and his son if he was to go away what would happen to his family. Now you tell me what kind of messed up crap is that? Unfrigginbelievable!!! I guess in this day and age it doesn't matter if you don't have the money you are expendable.  


  1. Doctors seem to have a care factor of nil when it comes to lupus. I am outraged TOO!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about ur friend! It's very sad that doctors have a hard time trying to get the correct diagnosis while ur life is on the line! Lupus is a very hard to take a combination of things to get the diagnosis and, unfortunately, if the doctor ur going to is not savy with Lupus..then u need to see a doctor that has the knowledge of Lupus behind him...I hope ur friend can turn things prayers are with him..good luck!