Monday, May 23, 2011

Lupus and Diversity

When I started blogging about lupus I was trying to bring awareness and education to those who didn't know about this disease. What I failed to mention is who it affects. Lupus and diversity go hand and hand. Men, women and children are susceptible too. Latino, African American, Asian, and, American  Indians can also get lupus. There is so much that researchers don't know about SLE.  Each person who has lupus all have different symptoms. That means that no 2 people will have the same symptoms.  I truly believe that researchers will find a cure for this disease maybe not in my lifetime, but I am hopeful. Where I live in Arizona is a very small town I have talked to many different people and every time I talk to people in my town they tell me that either they have never heard of lupus or they know somebody has it ,but they don't really knows what lupus entails. Sometimes I get the occasional raised eye brow or when people ask me if I work or if I have a job. Well at the present time I am not employed at the moment. It is not that I can't work, but if I did get a job it would have to be one that is not stressful. What job isn't stressful?  Each day is different and lupus is the kind of disease that just pops up unexpectedly.  I think some people that have this disease and the get the butt end of the stick mostly because you don't look sick. That is what really makes me mad. When people who look at you and you now they are thinking" yeah right she doesn't look sick." Normally I am not a mean person , but sometimes I want to tell those people to walk in my shoes for a day and then tell me how you feel. I often wonder if others feel the way I do? on that note I am going to leave it at that.

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