Monday, May 23, 2011

Lupus and Health Care

Lately people have been worried about the healthcare crisis and what it is going to mean to them. I am worried as well. Right now I receive government healthcare through Social Security. That pretty much gives me second rate treatment when it concerns trips to the doctor's, medication,or even home care. Are we going to be swept under a rug?   Do you think that you are getting the care you deserve? Is it the right treatment? What about those who are on dialysis and are going through renal failure? Who is willing to fight for them and provide sufficient means to get them the care that they need? I just recently put up a fundraiser so that I can help people who can't afford to pay for medication in Arizona, so that they will have the money to do so. I am new at this, but I really want to fight as hard as I can, because sooner or later the people who are on Medicaid or government healthcare will have depleted the funds that patients need. I realize that I may step on people's toes or make someone upset, but really that is not my intention. I know money is tight,but even if you donate $5 dollars I know that in time it could enough to help those who need it.

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