Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lupus and Pets

I would like to say that having a pet when you have lupus is just amazing. I have a dog named Brock. We rescued him from a shelter, because the month before I had to put my other dog, Rufus , down due to the fact that he was suffering from a brain tumor. Rufus was like a person. He had the best disposition as a pit bull mix. Whenever I was tired or hurting Rufus was by my side. After he passed away that day I just broke down  and it was hard for me to admit he was gone. It was very stressful for me. I had been very close to him. I know he felt my pain. He would lay his head down right next to mine and immediately felt relief just by petting him. Brock is a little bigger version of Rufus.  My husband thought that with me having lupus he was worried that the stress would cause a flare up so he let me decide when I was ready to get another dog. I didn't want just any dog. I wanted to find a dog that was similar to Rufus. I know that finding a dog that is just like Rufus is impossible and just plain dumb. I wanted to find one that had his disposition.  I was looking around with my daughter and my husband in the kennels. A couple caught my eye, but none of them really stood out for me. We were about to leave then someone asked about a corridor that we didn't even know about. So as I am walking into this last corridor it was really loud with all these dogs barking. Super cute dogs that were just begging me to take them home. There was one dog that really had my attention. He was the only dog out of like 6 dogs that wasn't barking or caring on like the other dog's. He was just sitting there looking up at me and not barking, but wagging his tail and licking my hand through the cage. He was just so cute.  We asked questions like how long has he been in there, what was his temperament  like, and if he would be the best choice for us to take him home.  We had to wait a whole day because he was getting neutered. When I finally got him home I was so elated just for the simple fact that I was on the road to healing. Having a pet when you have a disease like mine I think  is crucial to be able to help get you through the depression and pain. To anyone who is fighting this disease I encourage you to invest in a pet. Although it won't cure you it will makes thing a little easier. Thank you for all the nice comments that I have been given concerning my blog.

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